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The Understand Energy Learning Hub is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

How to Navigate our Site

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Our website is designed to provide users from around the globe with an Understand Energy course experience as close to a Stanford student's Understand Energy classroom experience as possible.

On the home page, you'll find our menu of clickable icons that will take you to the content for each energy topic. You can go through the topics in order or dive right into a specific area of interest. It's up to you! If you’d like to keep track of your progress, use this checklist (PDF, 1MB).

Once you select a topic, you will find a list of options for exploring the content, which may include:

  • Fast Facts: A summary of key facts and information.
  • Before You Watch Our Lecture: A list of carefully curated videos and readings we assign to our Stanford students as pre-work for each lecture.
  • Our Lecture: A video recording of the full Stanford Understand Energy course lecture.
  • Additional Resources: Our favorite data sources and resources for exploring further beyond our site.

For the most complete learning experience, we strongly encourage you to work through all of the information presented for a topic, just as you would if you were a student taking the class at Stanford.