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The Understand Energy Learning Hub is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Industry Decarbonization

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Featured Lecture on
Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector

This is our Stanford Energy Seminar lecture on decarbonizing industry. We strongly encourage you to watch the full lecture to understand the importance of decarbonizing the industrial sector and opportunities that exist for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from major subsectors like iron and steel, chemicals, and cement. We also encourage you to review the readings and videos listed in the next section to help contextualize the lecture content.

Presented by: Jeffrey Rissman, Senior Director, Industry at Energy Innovation; Author of Zero-Carbon Industry: Transformative Technologies and Policies to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity
Recorded: February 26, 2024  Duration: 55 minutes

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Readings and Videos on
Industry Decarbonization

For a complete learning experience, we strongly encourage you to review the readings and videos below in addition to watching the Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector lecture.  




  • Living With Chemistry. Voyager. March 29, 2024. (4 pages)
    Explores the challenges to decarbonizing chemicals production and promising approaches that are emerging. 


Additional Resources About
Industry Decarbonization

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Other Resources and Resources for Specific Topic Areas